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photo: František Chalupa

Jana Bezpalcová

Graduate of Franz Liszt Academy Of Music Arts in Weimar.

Jana Bezpalcová (born on 19th March 1979 in Prachatice) started to take accordion classes at the age of six in her hometown elementary school of music. From 1993 to 1999 she studied at Hudební konzervatoř (Musical Conservatoire) České Budějovice in professor Alena Pustějovská’s class. In 1998 she also commenced her studies at VŠMU (College of Musical Arts) Bratislava with professors Lubomír Žovic and doc. Rajmund Kákoni. Succesfully passing her bachelor exams, Ms. Bezpalcová followed in her studies at Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar, Germany with professor Ivan Koval. She finished her master‘s degree with Honors, getting the highest possible mark of 1.0, and after passing the strict selection procedure entered a 2-year graduate programme „Konzertexamen“, which is the highest level of musical instrumentalists‘ education in Germany. Her studies were successfully fulfilled by two solo concerts with different advanced repertoires (chosen and rehearsed with pedagogical support of professor Koval) in summer 2005, subsequently approved by an academic jury.

Since her conservatoire studies, Ms. Bezpalcová has successfully taken part in many accordion contests (inter-conservatoire contest in Pardubice 1995 – 2nd prize, Hořovice 1997 – 1st prize), and has been repeatedly awarded in international competitions (Andorra 1997 – 3rd prize; Recoaro Terme, Italy 1998; Nijmegen, Netherlands 1998; Orense, Spain 1999; Hamburg, Germany 2005).

During her studies in Weimar, Ms. Bezpalcová attended various advanced masterclasses, organized in Germany by well-known accordion teachers and soloists (professor Hugo Noth – Hochschule für Musik Trossingen; professor Margit Kern – Musikhochschule Bremen; professor Mikko Luoma – Polytechnic Turku, Finland; professor Geir Draugsvoll – Royal Academy of Music Copenhagen, Denmark). She also participated in many seminars of musical methodology, lectures, workshops, concerts and other events organized by the initiative IKAB (Initiativkreis Klassisches Akkordeon Berlin) that represents accordion teachers and solo artists from across Germany.

In 2001 Ms. Bezpalcová performed in a concert with the Symphony Orchestra of Slovakian National Radio Broadcast in Bratislava as a soloist. During the following years, she cooperated with organizers of various musical-literary projects (namely in Berlin, Dresden and Nürnberg). She featured in projects by the Foundation for Classical Art from Weimar (Stiftung Weimarer Klassik), and collaborated also on first performances of new works created by students of classical music composition at the Institute for New Music, Weimar.

Jana Bezpalcová has been living in Prague since 2005 and has continued in her regular concert activity both in Czech Republic and Germany.

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